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The first post

So here we are.  Gonna have a go at this knitting blog thing again.  My previous attempt was so pathetic, I’m not even going to talk about it.   So why am I trying again?  The main reason, I think, is that I feel like blogging will make me more accountable to all my WIPs and UFOs, my ever-expanding stash.  (On a related note, hasn’t your so-called hobby crossed the line when you feel the need to be publicly accountable for it? Oh well, topic for another day I suppose).

I don’t want this to be just a knitting blog, though.  I do a lot of other things that I enjoy.  Like crocheting, sewing, reading, eating and cooking.  So I’ll probably talk about those things from time to time.  And life, of course.  But without creative pursuits, my life is really uninteresting.  So I’ll try to keep the navel-gazing to a minimum.  And on that note…I’m off to knit some socks!


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