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I’m it!

Stephanie just tagged me with a meme and I need to share 7 random or weird facts about me, or I will be ‘it’ forever!

Here we go:

1. I love jewelry, and have a fairly large collection of baubles, but I cannot wear necklaces, rings, or bracelets. It drives me crazy to have these things on my body and I will fidget, play with the item, take it on and off repeatedly, and generally drive myself and everyone around me mad until I just remove it for good. I have one necklace that I like and wear daily, a thick silver chain, and that is basically the only jewelry item I can wear without annoyance. I also love wearing earrings, when I can remember to put them on.

2. I have weird ways of eating. I like everything to be very neat, so I separate all the items on my plate from touching each other. After cordoning the foods off, I eat one item at a time. Foods are not to be mixed and I will never take one bite of a food followed by another, unless I have finished the first food. When I’m finished, my plate is always practically spotless because I chase down every little speck of food. If I’m eating on a paper plate, I will then fold my trash and the plate into a tiny little packet before throwing it away. As you can imagine, this process takes a lot of time and concentration, so I cannot talk and eat at the same time. If I’m trying to participate in a conversation during dinner, it will take me an hour to finally finish my meal because I need uninterrupted concentration to eat. I would have to say, this is the very weirdest thing about me, ever.

3. I usually prefer to read newspapers and magazines back to front, an old habit I picked up from reading the jokes at the end of Reader’s Digest stories when I was young.

4. I am obsessed with my personal finances and check my bank accounts and budget online about twice a day. Maybe that’s not so weird, but I really am obsessed. I also love doing my taxes and have a fairly vast (for a non-accountant) knowledge of US tax laws.

5. I remember different times or events in my life by their association with musical artists or songs.  For example, Guster, especially the song Two Points for Honesty, reminds me of my first semester of college.  First semester of sophomore year, on the other hand, is most associated with St. Teresa by Joan Osborne. Unsurprisingly, I was really into those two songs at those particular times, but sometimes the association is more because of the lyrics or sentiment of the song (Better Man by Pearl Jam and the 2004 presidential election is one of those).

6. My biggest pet peeve in the workplace is handwritten file labels.  I think they look too messy (because most people don’t have great handwriting) and make it harder to find things.  And isn’t finding things quickly the whole point of having a file system?

7. I cannot stand the sensation of biting into a cherry tomato.  I love them, but they have to be cut in half before I will eat them.

Man, is that weird enough for you?  Yeah, I know. I may be a teensy bit unhinged.

I’m not going to tag anyone, but feel free to comment and tell me random facts about yourself!


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